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Intuitive Tarot

Dennis has spent over 25 years crafting his Psychic Intuitive gifts. Using his skills to read the signs and symbols of the Lenormand cards, as well as sense the aura around you, he is able to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of life, allowing you to see the bigger picture and your purpose in it.

From an early age, Dennis had a fascination with the natural meaning of life and the role we all have to play within it. With this curiosity, he was lead to various metaphysical and esoteric journeys of self discovery and training to help him unravel the mysteries of the chakras, aura colours and the symbolism of life.

Dennis has helped many people from all walks of life find their true north. He is able to answer and bring insight to your most pressing questions, while clarifying and helping you understand the matter at hand.

Dennis has worked in Wellbeing centres, shops and psychic fairs in NSW giving psychic card readings as well as have taught several workshops in the art of reading the Lenormand and has help people understand the cards.

Dennis is available every Tuesday and Saturday