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High Quality Healing Crystals Available at New Moon

For centuries, crystals have been prized and possessed by millions for their alluring beauty, uniqueness and therapeutic properties. Every crystal emits a distinct vibration, and these different vibrations are said to be the source of every crystal’sunique healing properties.When placed near certain points of the body, healing crystals can help change the vibrational rate of the body and lead it toward a more restorative state.

The different colours of the crystals have also been associated with their healing power – healing crystals with colours which are symbolic of the different chakras or energy centres of the body are said to heal and restore the body,aligning the body’s chakras and surrounding the body in a field of healing energy.

Healing crystals benefit not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Some healing crystals help create balance, others boost energy while others help to keep you grounded in stable energy. Other healing crystals are said to have energies that can help you become more loving and compassionate, focussed or relaxed, and some are said to have protective powers as well.

Some of the most popular crystals are the amethyst, known to assist in the recovery from addiction; the Rose Quartz which is known as the stone of love; the Clear Quartz which is a purifying stone and the Citrine Quartz, which is known to promote success. You can find all these and more right here at New Moon.

Find a fine selection of pure, beautiful looking healing crystals only here at New Moon.

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