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Meet Damien: Your Experienced Tarot Reader

  • Tarot Card Reader (26 years experience)
  • Clairvoyant Psychic
  • Intuitive
With an impressive 26 years of experience as a professional tarot reader, Damien brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to every reading. As a clairvoyant, he possesses a strong awareness of people’s moods and energy, allowing him to tap into his own psychic abilities to provide you with the information and support you seek.

About Damien:

Clairvoyant Insights:

Damien’s heightened awareness of energy and emotions empowers him to provide clarity and guidance like no other. Through his psychic abilities, he offers insights that go beyond the surface, helping you navigate life’s complexities.

What to Expect:

Personalised Readings:

Each reading with Damien is a unique experience tailored to your needs. Whether you’re seeking answers about relationships, career, or personal growth, Damien provides personalised insights to guide you on your path.

Empathetic Support:

In addition to his psychic abilities, Damien is known for his empathetic approach. He creates a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, offering support and understanding along the way.

In-Store Readings

Ready to gain clarity and understanding? Damien is available in our Castle Hill New Moon Store on Sundays and Mondays, to offer you a reading that illuminates your path. Take the next step towards empowerment and schedule your session today.

Available In-store on Sunday & Monday

30 min = $75……..45 min = $98……..1 hour = $135