Pat has been my spiritual guide since 2007 and he has been instrumental in helping me understand the forces and influences that are shaping my life. We have our weekly reading which helps me prepare for what is to come and what to look out for. I normally ask Pat about my stock investments and he is generally on the right track when it comes to picking out the trends for the week. His reading of my auric field is also another important aspect as he can point out what my state of mind is, that is I am a calming influence on others this week or do I have a frame of mind to plan the next venture, etc….

Our tarot card reading helps me understand the situation I find myself in from time to time. If you are ever wondering why is this person acting this way or what they are really thinking about, then Pat can explain what is going on. I think this is one of the key benefits as you get clarity on what may seem like a murky situation. If you understand what is going on, you stand a chance of doing something about the situation you find yourself in.

On the spiritual level, Pat has been instrumental in helping me become a more evolved person. I’ve taken up tarot card reading with his guidance as I want to help others the way Pat helps me. I’ve been doing reading for many friends who have become regular fans past the last two years. I read a friend who was buying a property, and I predicted that this house will be the place where her hopes and dreams come true and she will find domestic bliss there. She was single at the time but 18 months later she fell in love and six months later he moved in with her. She tells all of our friends now how all my predictions came true for he. I am so happy for her.

Lastly, Pat is one of the few people I know that can communicate with the spirit world and often I would get a message from the departed about what happened to them and sometimes I have a message for loved ones left behind. When I deliver a message to someone (that makes no sense to me) and they understand it, there is few joy equal to seeing the enlightenment that comes to those who are grieving.

In summary, Pat is someone that provides the spiritual guidance that I need to make me more whole, and prepares me for the challenges and opportunities that life brings.

Thank you PatrickCheers, Nivit