I have had a number of Spiritual Healings with Debra on occasions when feeling unwell, very stressed and more recently when family members have passed away within 10 days of each other. Debra has responded with compassion and non- judgement. During the healing, I felt warmth and energy moving through my body, relieving my pain, blockages and tension. When the session was completed I felt uplifted and balanced and left with a more positive attitude to deal with the stress and recently, my grief.

Left with a more positive attitude!Charlotte

Thanks Deb for changing my way of thinking. After one session with you my grand-daughter’s life has been turned around. She is happier. She is less burdened and now positive about living each day. She realises your help has been better than therapy previously offered.

Positive about living each day!Di

I recently had a Past Life Regression with Debra in which I was gently guided back to a lifetime in Ancient Egypt where I was a young slave who was an oarsman in a war ship. It was a hard, physical life as I was aware of bleeding hands and back and the cruelty of my masters. During a battle the ship was rammed and it sank. At first, I panicked but then thought that whatever death held it could not be worse than the life I was enduring and then I felt a sense of peace enfold me. Debra then asked the slave if there was a message for me and he said that acknowledging that life would help me with some of my physical problems in this one. I then talked to my chiropractor who treated me as he would a rower, especially my hips and shoulders which had been my problem areas, The treatment helped my pain and flexibility so that was a very positive outcome.

That was a very positive outcome!Val