Carmel has a unique gift which has given me clarification, confirmation and a better understanding of so many things that have happened in my life at a very personal level. This has inspired me to have a clearer perspective of what I want for the future in my late years. Her unique gift has helped me to unleash some negative emotions that stemmed from my childhood, which affected me for a good part of my adult life. It has been quite a progressive journey for me, but one that was needed for my total well-being.

One that was needed for my total well-beingAnnette

Earlier this year it was suggested to me that I may benefit from a visit to Carmel. I lived through a personal tragedy that greatly affected my life over the past four years. I was having trouble moving on and would regularly wake in the night with thoughts of the traumatic times I had been through. I have been seeing a physio for 20 odd years with a neck problem that I suffered greatly from. After 2 visits with Carmel I no longer wake with thoughts of the past and have not had any issues with my neck since. This has been life changing for me and I am full of gratitude for Carmels special gift.

Life changingChristine

Carmel’s healing powers are amazing. Carmel has helped me deal with some “old demons” in my life that were holding me back from greater spiritual awareness. My journey has just begun I feel, but I know with the guidance from Carmel, my life here on Earth will hold more clarity and purpose. Carmel is a really “blessed soul” and would highly recommend anyone, on any spiritual level to be “healed and helped” into greater awareness. Thank you Carmel from the bottom of my heart

healed and helpedJulie

I know since I have been getting the healings done my friends and family have noticed a great deal of change in my attitude towards myself and my self esteem is a great deal better. My attitude to life has changed dramatically and I feel a more positive person to be around since seeing Carmel.

My attitude to life has changed dramaticallyRenee

Dear Carmel. Just a quick note to you to Thank you for helping me on Thursday. Since the first Spiritual Healing session with you I cannot to begin to tell you how I am feeling, I feel part of a weight of the world has been removed from me and now I am seeing into the the Light of Massive change in my life.

Massive change in my lifeRachel

Thank you so much for this great reading a few things really touched a nerve… thank you again.

Really touched a nerve.Annette