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Mediumship - Gypsy Card Readings
An intuitive psychic/medium with 15 years of experience as a professional reader. “I work closely on a one to one basis with my clients, and in many cases make contact with loved ones who have passed over, giving messages of guidance and wisdom, and helping my client have a deeper understanding”.
Mediumship / Psychic Card Reader

Also a master of the art of French Gypsy cards, which are a great tool for daily guidance of the day to day issues of relationships, health, finance career and other. “I have a wide variety of clients, professional people, students and mums, I am so happy to be able to help so many people through difficult times.”
JENNI is available here at New Moon - Monday, Thursday and Saturday
How accurate she was with her reading
Just wanted to send an email regarding Jenni and a reading I had with her back in February 2014. I asked Jenni about my love life. I was in a relationship at the time, but she was skeptical and told me it wouldn't last as my partner would be moving away. 7 months later, he moved to the Gold Coast. She also told me, I had already met the person I was going to end up with and that I just needed to open my eyes and pay closer attention. The only detail she gave me was that he had a big friendly smile. Here we are, 2 years later, and I am 2 months into dating who I believe is the love of my life. And wouldn't you believe it, he has the biggest, most gorgeous smile. We met 3 years ago as he was dating a mutual acquaintance of ours, so he in fact WAS in my life already when I first met with Jenni. I wasn't sure where to leave a review on my reading experience, but I just wanted to be able to share how accurate she was with her reading. Even down to the details! Thank you Jenni! Have been recommending you to anyone I know interested in readings!
Thank you,T
Psychic/Medium, Tarot Cards, Angelic
Guidance, Numerology, Pendulum
Lorye is a Spiritual Medium, Tarot card reader, Reiki Master/Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Speaker and writer, who has worked extensively throughout Sydney and regional NSW and is a regular reader at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals. Lorye has appeared on Barry Eaton's spiritual radio programme

Tarot cards / Medium

'Out There' and has worked on the International phone line 'psychic connect'.

Lorye's gift was passed down from her maternal Celtic granmother and she is committed to teaching, healing and ultimately helping people get in touch with their power, purpose and passion. Lorye regularly conducts healing circles and teaches meditation, reiki, spiritual development classes, angel classes, psychic and mediumship skills, crystal healing, tarot cards, numerology and creative spirit writing classes.

In a psychic reading, Lorye can contact loved ones passed over and guide with the tarot, guidance cards, numbers and pendulum. Lorye is clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsetient and can channel information to give the client a clear direction.

LORYE is available here at New Moon on Tuesdays
Annie Labri
Psychic Medium, Tarot and Crystal Reader
Energetic Healer
Annie Labri is Australian Celebrity Psychic Medium. 2016 presenter/HOST and Reader on Celebrity Psychics live Australia. Also seen on Psychic TV Oz.
  • Author Illustrator and publisher of Annie Labri Tarot deck, & guidance book.

'With 30+ years’ experience with the Tarot and reading professionally since 2001. Annie is a compassionate reader, with an intuitive and caring nature. Believing in honour each other with peace and kindness. Connecting with past loved ones and giving guidance, direction and understanding on your life’s journey. Passing on messages for clarity and insight.

Annie has worked in Well being Centres in NSW and nationally. With spiritual guidance for relationships, life, family, choices, career, health, pets, finance, business.

With her lifelong gift of psychic mediumship, and the medium of the Tarot, Annie can also enhance your reading with Psychometry/jewellery or photos of loved ones. Annie is also an animal intuitive.

The Crystals are worked together with her psychic ability. Bringing in the awareness of Chakra’s and the vibrational colours created energetically which can coincide with your Aura, this can then be used to bring insight to health and emotional well being, and energetic healing and colour balance.

Annie shares her knowledge and the gift:

• By providing workshops
• Teaching the “Tarot and Oracle cards”.
• Psychic development groups
• Meditation/wellbeing
• MBS festivals Sydney

Annie is also a professional artist and Combining her talents and love as a reader. Annie has produced a colorful, positive inspirational Tarot deck with an informative, guidance to learn tarot book. And coming soon* Annie Labri Freedom Oracle cards and Children's Oracle cards.

"A peaceful soul is engaged and enhances when Mind, Body and Spirit is all nurtured equally"

— Annie Labri

ANNIE is available here at New Moon on Friday and Saturday
Astrology / Tarot
For over 30 years Gretchen has been reading Tarot cards and doing very intuitive readings, in Sydney Gretchen was one of the original readers at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and is still activally involved today. As well, having her own radio show on mix 106.5, doing both Tarot and Astrology readings for her many clients who phone through the station.

Tarot cards / Astrology

Astrology is her passion, being a very accomplished Astrologer she uses her talent both with Tarot cards and Astrology for an amazing reading, combining both can provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others making her readings very insightful and accurate.

'What is faith worth if it is not translated into actions' -Mahatma Ghandi

GRETCHEN is available here at New Moon on Wednesday
Palmistry/ Spiritual Healing/ Spiritual Awareness for Children/ Past Life Regression Therapy

Debra uses palmistry to give you an understanding of how your life is in your hands. This can show how our choices can lead to a better future. She also uses her intuitive ability to receive messages as your palms tell their story.

Spiritual Healings / Palmistry / Past Life

Debra practise Spiritual Healing to channel healing guides and angels. She works with both adults and children to help release suffering and anxiety and to bring resolution to physical and emotional concerns. She is a member of the National Federation of Healers and International Institute of Complementary Therapists. She enjoys sharing her skills and inspiring students on their spiritual journey by regularly teaching Spiritual Healing and Palmistry courses.

After many years of teaching mainstream children with learning and behaviour difficulties, Debra is now able to help those in need to understand their own power through Spiritual Awareness. She works with children to help them grow, by way of expressing themselves, having energy to cope with anxiety and a means to heal.

As a Past Life Regression therapist Debra uses the Brian Weiss method of taking you into a meditative state to reveal scenes, people and emotions from your past lives. This can have many healing effects as these stories can be connected to relationships and issues in your present life.

DEBRA is available here at New Moon on Thursday
Left with a more positive attitude!
I have had a number of Spiritual Healings with Debra on occasions when feeling unwell, very stressed and more recently when family members have passed away within 10 days of each other. Debra has responded with compassion and non- judgement. During the healing, I felt warmth and energy moving through my body, relieving my pain, blockages and tension. When the session was completed I felt uplifted and balanced and left with a more positive attitude to deal with the stress and recently, my grief.
That was a very positive outcome!
I recently had a Past Life Regression with Debra in which I was gently guided back to a lifetime in Ancient Egypt where I was a young slave who was an oarsman in a war ship. It was a hard, physical life as I was aware of bleeding hands and back and the cruelty of my masters. During a battle the ship was rammed and it sank. At first, I panicked but then thought that whatever death held it could not be worse than the life I was enduring and then I felt a sense of peace enfold me. Debra then asked the slave if there was a message for me and he said that acknowledging that life would help me with some of my physical problems in this one. I then talked to my chiropractor who treated me as he would a rower, especially my hips and shoulders which had been my problem areas, The treatment helped my pain and flexibility so that was a very positive outcome.
Dennis Ganchingco
Intuitive Lenormand Card Reader
Dennis is an intuitive card reader with over 10 years of experience. Consulting the Lenormand Cards based on the most famous 19th century reader and psychic Mademoiselle Lenormand, Dennis has helped many people from all walks of life find direction and answers to their pressing questions.

Using the Aura Video Station, a unique system direct from the U.S.A. Dennis is able to offer you a photo of your aura and also a full body scan of your chakras (the 7 main energy centres of your body)

Discovering your personal aura colours and the state of your chakras can show you how uniquely beautiful you are and helps you better understand the intrinsic energies at play in your life.

Dennis is able to read and interpret your personal aura colours and the overall balance of your chakras, combine this with the use of Lenormand cards and Psychic Soul Oracle cards Dennis is able to guide and provide you with insights to your future.....Each problem has a solution

DENNIS is available on the 3rd Friday of each month
Tarot Cards
Shantaya - Psychic Medium, Tarot and Oracle card reader, Energetic Healer and Reiki Master, Meditation and Spiritual Group facilitator and Visionary Artist.

For over 13 years I have had the pleasure of helping and giving guidance as a psychic reader to people residing both here in Australia and overseas

I feel blessed, grateful and honoured to be able to guide people towards discovering, acknowledging and appreciating their own inner beauty, their gifts and talents


SHANTAYA is available on the first Thursday and Friday of each month
Max Coppa
Palmistry / Numerology
Max Coppa is Australia’s leading authority in Palmistry, Numerology and Dream Interpretation. With over 30 years hands-on experience within the field, Max uses his keen insight and clairvoyant abilities to personally guide, counsel and empower his clients. In addition to ‘reading’ many thousands of clients,

Palmistry / Teacher

He conducts regular palmistry and numerology workshops throughout Australia which are aimed at the novice through to the advanced practitioner.

Max makes regular guest appearances on national television and radio stations throughout the country and is regular columnist for many Australian magazines. A successful author, Max has published “Love Lines” a book aimed at understanding love & relationships through the timeless art of palmistry. Due to popular demand and many requests over the years, Max released his long awaited guide to understanding and applying numerology to your career titled 'Numerology – Working With Numbers'.

His second numerology book specifically targeted to love and relationships titled 'Does Your Love Life Add Up?' was released in 2008. Max's eagerly awaited book using numerology to better understand yourself and your children will be released soon.

Max’s honest and inspiring manner coupled with his accuracy and practical approach guarantee a life changing experience that will open the doors of possibility in exciting ways.

Assisting you to more easily confront and resolve your issues in order to reach your full potential. Whether its spirituality, love & relationships, career, children, finances and more, Max can give you the answers and understanding you seek!

Max is back in Sydney in November 2017 (dates to be confirmed)
Max Fee is $100 = 1/2 hour and $195 Hour
Reiki Master / Psychic Card Readings / Aromatherapy Massage
Reiki is both renewing and revitalising, raising your energy levels and will leave you calm, peaceful and able to cope again.

Using a gentle blend of Lymphatic Drainage that supports the body's natural system to release toxins, Aromatherapy oils to relax and heal the body through the senses, a beautiful, gentle energetic healing technique.

Reiki Master / Massage Therapist / Psychic Card Readings

Donna is a Reiki Master with over 9 years of practice. A 45 min or 1 hour Reiki session combined with a psychic card reading using Angel cards, Tarot cards or Flower cards is Donna's specialty, she is able to guide you with her reading and treat you with her 8 years experience as a Reiki Master.

 Reiki can unblock hidden patterns and release any unwanted energies, will relieve anxiety and bring calm to your psychical and emotional self.

Aromatherapy Massage can help revitalise and heal your body through the senses

A 90 minute Spiritual Massage of pure bliss will help you to let go of your stress and anxieties that everyday living places on us.

A massage treatment includes a bottle of Bush Flower essences made to your individual needs.

DONNA is available on the second Tuesday of each month
Scott Woolford
Energetic Healer / Reiki Master / Qigong
Scott is a Wholisitic Energy Healer assessing energy of body and influencing space; clears blockages to establish a better flow and balance. Using soft and deep tissue massage techniques such as Reflexology, Acupressure and Qigong in conjunction with Reiki and Feng Shui to assist in clearing negatively impacting energies of body/mind, being physical, emotional, mental, psychic or environmental.

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