What is involved in a Tarot / Psychic Reading?

Readings are done by our very experienced readers as a way of guidance with different issues in your life, the reader connects with spirit and passes messages onto you the client, tarot cards are one of the different tools that can be used for confirmation of your message. The choices you make in your life are your decisions. A reading can be a good confirmation that you are on the correct path.

How do I choose a crystal and know it is the right one?

Crystals are chosen for all sorts of reasons, for health, for protection, for romance and lots of other reasons, the best way is to hold a crystal you are drawn to, you will know if it is the right one after a short time, it's what you are attracted to, the same when buying for someone else, hold the crystal and think of that person, the energy of that person will run into the crystal and you will know if it is the right one.

Why not come into the store and see and feel them for yourself.

What kind of readings are available?

What Healing Treatments available

What will I be told in the readings?

You really need to come in and experience the reading for yourself.
The readings are confidential, their not something we can prescribe over the counter.

Who is the best reader for me?

If you read through each persons profile ‘here’ and see who you connect with best then we can arrange a booking.

What sort of products do you have in the store?

We have a range of products in store:

Do you take telephone readings?

Yes, if you can't get into the store we can organise a telephone or skype call.

Please contact us directly via email or phone with any questions or enquiries you may have.

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